Graduation Cards

Spring is coming soon (I hope….) and graduation season is just around the corner! Check out some of these great templates for Seniors.

JFS_Knappscraps Senior

This set even comes with some cute coordinating Thank You cards.

Bay Propel_Knappscraps


Spingtime Templates

Easter is just around the corner and these spring time templates are the perfect way to put those cute photos that you’ll be taking this weekend to good use!

Spring time album available at Propel by Bay Photo



You can also send out cute little cards after Easter or use these as a way to frame your images for display at home:


Also, dont miss out on the sale over at LBB!


While you are there check out my new photo overlays in the shop! They are perfect for spring!



Thanks for looking! Graduation season is next so stay tuned for some fun designs…

I feel famous!

Something amazing just happened and I am pretty speechless. I created some little calendars with a freebie I downloaded from the most incredible woman, Ashley at Lil Blue Boo. Well, she returned the favor and then some! So go check it out and get yourself a few freebies too while your at it!


Also, if you havnt already, you should check out the Lil Blue Boo Facebook page and you can find her full story at her blog ~LBB. The journey Ashley has been on has really touched me and changed my life. Her “Choose Joy” mantra is certainly a spirit booster! There is also an auction going on for her right now and you can read all about that here:

Auction for Ashley

Team Ashley Auction (the actual auction cart)

So perfect timing to jump on the “Choose Joy” band wagon. You wont regret it!!


2012 YAG Calendars

The 2012 Year at a Glance Calendars are now available at Focused by WHCC

Volume One:


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Year at a Glance Calendars

Year at a glance calendars are now available at WHCC! These are a great to add in along with your Christmas cards so family and friends can see you all year round!

Christmas Cards

Yep…. almost that time already! I have a Christmas Card set up at WHCC so go check them out. Special thanks again to Heather at Bridgephotography for all the great photos!!