Valentines Craft with Twine

Pick Your Plum has another great offer today. Its Bakers Twine! By the the best price you’ll find anywhere!


I used mine to make these super quick and easy decorations. Just use an old book and different size circle and hearts punches and thats it!


So hurry! Go visit PYP and get your twine before all the deals are “picked”.



Well, I am just thrilled to announce that I have teamed up with the ladies over at Lil Blue Boo again and brought you another great freebie.

Templates are made with the graphics designed by Stephanie Corfee, which you find HERE

Please go over and check it out and say hello to Ashley and Lisa!











You can see my other calendars and templates in these other great shops!

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Thanks for your support and enjoy the freebie!

Valentines Decor

Another great Plum to pick today! I cant wait to get mine =)

I actually went right from Christmas to Valentines Day decor this year so I am so ready for this! How about you?



Elf on the Shelf_Goodbye

Crystal and Sparkle were pretty busy last night getting their special goodbye all ready for the girls. We have had so much fun with them but the girls have been pretty upset about the thought of them leaving so we knew we had to do something extra special. So this morning when the girls woke up, they found Crystal and Sparkle and an extra special little gift and letter!

The letter reads:


I just changed it a bit when I was actually reading it because I thought about it and wanted the final goodbye to be at bed time… oops! I got the idea for the letter HERE and then i just used my own template for the paper.

Kaitlyn and Abby just love their necklace and earrings and will have a piece of Crystal and Sparkle all year round that they can look at if they get sad.


Elf tags can be found HERE


So that has really helped and so far there have been no tears today! This has just been such a special tradition for us this year we are all so sad its almost over.

The elves also left a special Santa Key. They *borrowed some of my supplies to make a pretty tag…


Key reads:

Our stockings hang upon a wall. We have no fireplace at all! You see the problem is quite clear. Santa, how will you get in here? We heard a legend. Is it true? Of magic only you can do. We’ll leave out this special key and mark it “Santa” so you can see. Your magic makes the key fit right, so you can get inside tonight. Thank you Santa, here’s our key. The milk and cookies are on me.

I found the quote HERE and the key at Harmons of all places. I looked every where for the perfect key and was having a really hard time so I was so excited when I found it! It even has Santa printed right on it which went perfect with the quote.

ImageSo tonight before bed the girls will say their goodbyes. I also plan on taking some pictures of them holding their Elf so that they can hang that up in their room. They really have become part of our family and we are going to miss them! Who knew this would be such a special thing to do. I am so glad we did this and a bit sad I didn’t start it even sooner! The girls are going to be all grown up before I know it…

So Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

Elf on Shelf_Week Four

The final week is here! We have had so much fun with Crystal and Sparkle so we are getting pretty sad that they have to go soon…


Day 22: Crystal and Sparkle decided to check out the Xbox!

Day 23: The girls went on a double date with some shirtless Barbie men… uh oh!

Day 24: Time for some Hello Kitty Bingo!

Day 25: Swing time on the fan.


Day 26: Countdown has begun. Only 4 more days until Christmas!

Day 27: The girls decided to take it easy today and just hung out up on the shelf with the Snowman.

Day 28: Crystal and Sparkle brought Reindeer food so we are all set for Christmas Eve! The printable can be found HERE

The girls have a big day planned for tomorrow as we brace for their big send off…

Elf on the Shelf_Week Three

The girls are still enjoying Crystal but they are getting sad that her time here with us is about to end…


Day 15: Crystal set up a little matching game for the girls with Hershey’s kisses. (I just used a circle punch and sticker paper to cut out little images. These were Monster High Girls that I had left over from something else…ha ha)

Day 16: crystal decided to check out the Christmas Tree and she brought the girls each an ornament. It’s a silver Initial (K and A) complete with “crystal” accents.

Day 17: Riding the reindeer today! One of my favorite decorations… a wood cutout reindeer that my Grandpa made.

Day 18: Crystal is hanging out in the Christmas Village today with the penguins and Santa.


Day 19: Crystal left the girls a bag full of “Elf Kisses” which were mini-hershey kisses that she found in the baking section at the grocery store. Paper used can be found HERE and the poem is from HERE

Day 20: The girls had a VERY special surprise today! Crystal has a sister and she decided to come see the girls too! They were missing each other terribly and since they were being good Santa decided to send her to live with us too. So we are pleased to welcome Sparkle to the family too! My favorite part about her is her pretty silver platform shoes. Just a quick touch of silver spray paint over yellow barbie shoes with a little sparkle accent and they are perfect!!

Day 21: The girls decided to help me out by hanging all the Christmas Cards we have been receiving on the door. I have just been too busy to get around to it so that was so sweet of them to help!

Crystal and Sparkle have a lot more in store this next week getting things ready for the Reindeer, Santa and their goodbyes… so make sure you come back soon!

Elf on the Shelf_Week Two

Crystal is still getting in to mischief at our house this week!


Day 8: Crystal took Frankiestein for a little drive up and down the stairs in the Groovy Girls mobile. I think she wants a Rzr!

Day 9: Crystal camped out int he bathroom to make sure the girls were brushing their teeth.

Day 10: The girls were a bit naughty so Crystal ended up staying  at the North Pole. The girls received a warning letter from Santa telling them they were in danger of going on the NAUGHTY list…. It was really sad. This fabulous stationary can be found HERE

ImageDay 11:Crystal is BACK! She stayed up at the North Pole and made snowmen all day so she decided to bring some back for the girls (Snowman Peeps). So they were SO EXCITED to have her back and promised to be on their very best behavior…

Day 12: Crystal brought the girls a Santa’s Beard countdown calendar for them to color and hang up.

Day 13: Crystal decided to add some moose-stash’s (Abby’s pronunciation) to our family photos.

Day 14: The girls had to break through a streamer wall in the morning. That Crystal…. I tell ya! She is trouble.

We have lots more to share so I’ll be back soon!