Elf on the Shelf_Week Three

The girls are still enjoying Crystal but they are getting sad that her time here with us is about to end…


Day 15: Crystal set up a little matching game for the girls with Hershey’s kisses. (I just used a circle punch and sticker paper to cut out little images. These were Monster High Girls that I had left over from something else…ha ha)

Day 16: crystal decided to check out the Christmas Tree and she brought the girls each an ornament. It’s a silver Initial (K and A) complete with “crystal” accents.

Day 17: Riding the reindeer today! One of my favorite decorations… a wood cutout reindeer that my Grandpa made.

Day 18: Crystal is hanging out in the Christmas Village today with the penguins and Santa.


Day 19: Crystal left the girls a bag full of “Elf Kisses” which were mini-hershey kisses that she found in the baking section at the grocery store. Paper used can be found HERE and the poem is from HERE

Day 20: The girls had a VERY special surprise today! Crystal has a sister and she decided to come see the girls too! They were missing each other terribly and since they were being good Santa decided to send her to live with us too. So we are pleased to welcome Sparkle to the family too! My favorite part about her is her pretty silver platform shoes. Just a quick touch of silver spray paint over yellow barbie shoes with a little sparkle accent and they are perfect!!

Day 21: The girls decided to help me out by hanging all the Christmas Cards we have been receiving on the door. I have just been too busy to get around to it so that was so sweet of them to help!

Crystal and Sparkle have a lot more in store this next week getting things ready for the Reindeer, Santa and their goodbyes… so make sure you come back soon!


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