Elf on the Shelf_Week Two

Crystal is still getting in to mischief at our house this week!


Day 8: Crystal took Frankiestein for a little drive up and down the stairs in the Groovy Girls mobile. I think she wants a Rzr!

Day 9: Crystal camped out int he bathroom to make sure the girls were brushing their teeth.

Day 10: The girls were a bit naughty so Crystal ended up staying  at the North Pole. The girls received a warning letter from Santa telling them they were in danger of going on the NAUGHTY list…. It was really sad. This fabulous stationary can be found HERE

ImageDay 11:Crystal is BACK! She stayed up at the North Pole and made snowmen all day so she decided to bring some back for the girls (Snowman Peeps). So they were SO EXCITED to have her back and promised to be on their very best behavior…

Day 12: Crystal brought the girls a Santa’s Beard countdown calendar for them to color and hang up.

Day 13: Crystal decided to add some moose-stash’s (Abby’s pronunciation) to our family photos.

Day 14: The girls had to break through a streamer wall in the morning. That Crystal…. I tell ya! She is trouble.

We have lots more to share so I’ll be back soon!


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