Elf on the Shelf_Week One

Crystal has been very busy during her first week at our house! The girls have just loved having her in our home and they get so excited to see what she is up to every morning.

(Day 1) Crystal arrived to our family while we were camping over Thanksgiving. She was just hanging out on one of the shelves in the trailer for her first night.

(Day 2) Crystal taped herself to the dashboard of the truck so she could hang out with us for our long drive home. Which was very helpful for keeping the kiddos in line and not fighting the entire drive… ha ha!

(Day3) The mischief started when Crystal got in to  the box of fundraiser chocolate bars and she ate 3 WITHOUT PAYING! She was caught red handed in the box surrounded by empty wrappers and even had chocolate still on her hands and lips!

(Day 4) Crystal prepared breakfast but accidentally turned the milk green!

Day 1-4

(Day 5) A little note/warning was left on the bathroom mirror to ensure the girls were behaving! “Good Morning girls! Dont be naughty again today! Love, Crystal”

(Day 6) Crystal decided to take the Groovy Girl horse for a spin around the house.

(Day 7) It was a little dark in the dining room because Crystal was playing around with the lights and put out one of the bulbs!

Day 5-7

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for Week 2!


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