Back to school

Well, the kiddos are back at school and I am finally feeling like we are getting settled in our new routines and things are starting to calm down. We’ve had a lot of things change around here (started going to a commercial daycare and my baby is in Kindergarten!) so it has taken a little while to get in to our groove. One of the big things we needed to get use to was the daycare shuttle a.k.a “The Red Apple Van”. Its handy because daycare will do the drop off and pick up and even does the mid-day Kindergarten pick-up, which was the main reason we went with daycare in the first place, but we only do daycare 3 days a week so it can get a little confusing at times. The girls were constantly asking who was picking them up and were nervous about missing the Van and not being able to remember who to look for. So I came up with this handy little reminder system. I took a digital copy of the van logo and printed it on a plain sheet of label paper to make a sticker. Then I just used my handy little Epoxy Bottle Cap Stickers and made a little bottlecap charm.

ImageThen I punched a small hole in the top of the charm for a jump ring so I could attach a clip. The metal in these bottle cap charms is really soft so just a regular tiny hole punch worked just fine:


So now I just hook this little charm on their backpacks where they can easily see them on the days the Red Apple Van is driving them. If the girls are ever worried and not quite sure who is picking them up they just have to check their backpacks and see! It was such a quick simple thing to make with stuff I had lying around anyways and it has made our day-to-day routine so much easier!


Plus they are just so cute! I just hope I remember to un-clip it on days I am driving =) More organization ideas to come. I went a little overboard with this next one…


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