Easter is actually a pretty difficult time of year for me so we usually keep the celebrating at a minimum and we have very few decorations. Well, this year I decided that needs to change. The girls are getting older and just seeing how excited they are for this holiday has really been a blessing for me. So, with that in mind I decided it was time to decorate!! Its actually been pretty therapeutic for me and so much fun to make our house so cheerful for Easter. Here are a few of my favs:

Wood HOME from Wood Creations:


I also found these really neat signs for $0.89 at Walmart so I bought a few of them. The chalk board was neat but what I really loved was the shape:

The first thing I made with this was just a little Egg Sign. I got the scarps from the waste bin at The Wood Connection and they turned out so cute with a little paint and some scrapbook paper modge podged on top.

Super quick and easy accent for my front door post stand. The tutorial for stand can be found here: 9 O’clock, Dance of Joy!  No sense in reinventing the wheel right! 😉

Then I decided I needed a wreath. I LOVE all the decor at  Dear Lillie. Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous! Especially for Easter! So I headed to Savers to see what I cpuld find. Luckily I found THE very exact thing I went there for. A nice little wreath. All I did was move a few eggs around and then stuff in the empty spots with some Spanish Moss. (Note to self: A little goes a LONG way with Spanish Moss. Do not buy the GIANT bag, the normal size will do!)

The wreath needed a little something and then I came across an idea from Serenity Now. So I took another Walmart sign, painted it and added some vinyl and voila! Perfect sign for the front door!

We have quite a few surprises set up for the girls for Easter this year so stay tuned and I’ll be back to post lots of picts of our Holiday next week. ~ Happy Easter!


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