A Photo A Day. The easy way…

So who is doing an Instagram Photo A Day Challenge or P366 (Leap Year!) this year? I decided I am doing BOTH! I have tried it a few times, I even got to day 131 in 2010, but then certain things in life just happen sometimes and I didnt feel up to completing it. But 2012 is the year! So I am doing it.

I like scrapbooking but when I have tried this before I got too overwhelmed by coming up with all the pages and making it too “scrappy”. So I decided to just purchase an already assembled template set and just use that. So for the 366 Project I came across a kit by Wild Blueberry Ink:

She has a P366 set:

and then also a P52, just in case you only want to do it weekly!

So far its been fun and they are really easy to use! I did change the backgrounds up a bit but I am trying to keep it simple. I felt a bit out of my league with the Instagram Challenge but so far it has been really easy and fun! I dont actually have an iPhone so I had no clue what Instagram even was! But I do have an iPad so I decided I would check it out. Its a pretty neat little app. Its free and then there are a lot of little fun add-ons you can purchase to go with it. I just use the Basic Instagram App, then I also have the My 365 so I can lay my images out on a Calendar, and then PicFrames just in case I want multiple photos for one day in a collage :

So I just take my picts, upload them to Dropbox so I can sort and label them, then I open Dropbox on my iPad and save the images. Yes, I had to make it difficult….. For inspiration, I am following along with the Fat Mum Slim Challenge so there are daily prompts so it is really easy to stay on track. Here is the March list:

The girls have tumbling on Fridays so I just sit in the car with my laptop and iPad and organize and edit the images during their class. I am trying to do this at least once a week so I can keep up with things so I don’t get too far behind and then too overwhelmed. So far so good! I still have not printed a page yet, but I will! I think I might have them all bound in a book but I haven’t decided yet, so for now they are just my private digital files.

So have you started one? If not, no one ever said you had to start on Jan 1st! You can start your year whenever you want. Make your own rules! I do cheat a little and just as long as I have the photo taken within the same week, then I feel ok about it. I think sometimes we get so busy and we forget all the little day-to-day things that happen that makes our life so special so this really is a great way to record your life. For me, its a way to show the everyday and not just highlight those few special memories. I looked back at the 2010 pictures and I had forgotten so many of those precious moments already. Kids change and grow so fast sown not give it a shot!


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